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Messtechnik, DMS-Applikation und Elektronikentwicklung Baden-Württemberg



 We have been manufacturing the I-W-A non-contact measuring system for more than 25 years.
Satisfied customers on many continents speak for themselves - whether for quality assurance or prevention or for daily work with the highest accuracy. The modern measuring technology from TELEMESS GmbH offers you solutions for many areas of application. We offer customised industrial measurement technology and production measurement technology. Our displacement measurement technology, eddy current sensors and evaluation electronics enable the non-contact execution of various measurement tasks including measurement data acquisition. Measurement technology, strain gauge application and electronics development - all from a single source. The application of strain gauges has become an equally important component at TELEMESS for many years. All system components are developed and manufactured directly by TELEMESS GmbH on site. Since our displacement measurement technology works on the principle of eddy current testing, this non-contact measurement technology is particularly suitable for all industrial sectors that manufacture and process electrically conductive materials and products. For example, various metal-producing and metal-processing industries use our measuring technology to measure, check and optimise their products.

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+49 7543 60522-30
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TELEMESS GmbHz. hp Mr. Michael EndSäntisstrasse 27
88079 Kressbronn
Germany • Baden-Württemberg • Bodenseekreis

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